So...who makes up the Glamorama show? Well that will be Roy our frontman, Ads on guitars and vocals, Graham on guitar and vocals, BB on bass guitar, Leigh on drums, Don FO on Saxophone and roadie duties plus Simon looking after the sound. All from around the Brighton area the band have a long history both working together and in other projects. 

The guys have various musical backgrounds, dating back guessed it, the 70's! Having worked with covers bands the members watched the live scene change over the years and noted the huge popularity growth in tribute shows, so having a passion based from childhood the Glam show was born. The ethos from day one was to create a totally authentic show, with period outfits and equipment, taking the audience back to those glory, glam days! So don't expect a bunch of guys in their work clothes staring at the floor, we do a show, and we do it in style!

At present the show is getting booked up in advance and growing in popularity. Check out our video and a few tracks to get a feel of the band....we are sure you will love it!